Serving much of Southern California

 Our ozone shock services are able to eliminate cigarette and cigar odors, ozone does this by releasing a singlet  oxygen molecule that attaches to the tar of the cigarette, turning it to an ash form and thus leaving a neutral smell  after the ozone smell dissipates.    Thus  removing the cigarette odors and cigar odors.  The lingering ozone odor  will dissipate in a matter of days, thus  leaving a neutral smell.  

 Fire damage is another problem that we deal with, after remediation we will do ozone shock for a few days thus  removing the fire damage odor.  The ozone shock for fire damage works similar to the removal of cigarettes,  changing the  molecular structure of the soot odor thus neutralizing it.

 Other odors that we deal with are urine odors, vomit odors, mildew in the air conditioning system, gasoline spill odors and more.  We can remove these  odors and more form Cars, Homes, RVs, and any enclosed space. 

 See why Carmax, Bentely, Porsche, Landrover, Jaguar, Giant Rv,  Mariners Yacht Sales, Property Management  Companies and more use Ozone Pure Air.